About Us

Hospitality Isn’t Just What We Do. It’s Who We Are.

Your partner in designing and delivering beautiful spaces.

We get it. Furnishing a luxury hotel, motel or resort can be a lot of work. From designing the perfect space, to finding the right hotel furniture, to getting everything approved and shipped on time, it takes time that most hotel owners just can’t spare. That’s where we come in.

Our experienced project managers and designers will take the hassle out of your hands and guide you through our proven four step process, saving you time, sparing you stress, and helping you reach greater success.


Hospitality Isn’t Just What We Do. It’s Who We Are.

We love what we do

We’ve been a trusted name in hotel furniture for over 8 years and while our products are outstanding, it’s the people, the principles, and the process behind them that really make the difference.

We’re diverse

We’re not just account managers, project managers, interior designers, purchasing associates and hotel furniture craftspeople — we’re a team of unique and talented people with diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for doing great work.

How We Work

Start Today With 4 Easy Steps!


Design & Planning


Project Management and Hotel Fixture and Equipment Sourcing


In-house Manufacturing


Logistics and Shipping

In-house Manufacturing Center Means More Control Over Quality and Shipping.

What makes us different?

We are one of the few hotel furniture providers who manufacture our own products, giving us greater control over quality, value and delivery time. By building hotel furnishings, fixtures and equipment on site, we can stay agile and fast-acting in an industry too often plagued by faulty products, shipping mistakes and plain old human error.

Brands We Have Worked With

Since 2013, we’ve manufactured and delivered thousands of guest rooms, dining rooms and lobby spaces, from remote lodges, to some of the luxury hotel franchises in North America. We’ve earned the respect and repeat business of hundreds of hotel owners and from brands like Wyndham, Choice, Hilton, Marriott, IHG etc

Meet Our Team

Rahul Shah

VP of Operations

Shital Patel Shah

VP of Marketing